Jumat, 19 Oktober 2012

Twelve Thirteen

LADIES AND JELLYMEN!! I'M SOOO...OOOO SAWRREYY FOR NOT BLOGGING FOR... 3 and a half months?? I dunno. But, SAWWRRREEYYY MY BLOGGIE!! I'm such a lazygurl.

By the way, I'm in 12th grade now, which mean... I made it in the last year prom.test!!! But that doesn't really change anything. I'm still in the same class with the same 13 classmates. Boring? Never. Fun? All the time. Exciting? Absolutely. Damn, what's with the questions, brain? Shut up.

We're in the middle of Bulan Bahasa project *like I care... --;* and I--once again--was chosen for the story telling competition!! Yay..! or Nay...? Well, I like English like I love BIGBANG, but story telling is something that not all people can do it right. Expression, intonation, blah blah blah... It's hard. That's the point. But, why me of all people?? I'm not that good at English *yeah, rite..* and I really don't want to reenact my last STC last year. Total fail. Total... shit. Gee..

And, I'm wondering. What's with the crap above?? I DON'T CARE!! LET'S GET THIS PROJECT DONE, BE UNITED ONCE AGAIN!! IT'S ALL OR NOTHING, YA PEOPLE!!

Oh, this post is just a proof that I'm still alive, still breathing, still write, can still think right, and for the first time, totally concerned about my future.


Uh...Yeah. Bye.


Umi Sa'adah =]