Senin, 08 Desember 2014

1000 Words on Why I Like Kim Jongin

This is originally for an assignment for my reading class. There are only 3 reasons, honestly (SPOILER!!), and the rest is just totally unnecessary comments. That's why it's 1000 words. And ten actually. Happy reading :)

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“Kim Jongin”

Hello, everyone. How are you doing? I hope everyone is doing great today. Let me introduce myself first. My name is Umi Sa’adah, and I am here to tell you about my “Why Do You Like a Particular Person” essay. I’m going to tell you guys the reason first then you can guess who am I talking about.

First thing first, I may sound ridiculous because what I’m going to tell you sounds absolutely tacky and cheesy. But it is what it is and I’m going to tell you the way it is.

For starter, I first saw him in 2012. He was all sweaty and rolling his hips like there was no tomorrow. My first thought about him was : EW. But, that was only because I barely knew him, who he was and what he did. I saw him again in early 2013, and there was something different about him. He still rolled his hips like there was no end to it, but I didn’t even think of thinking “EW”. I didn’t know why but when I saw him like that again, he looked kinda passionate. It didn’t make sense, really, because what was so passionate about rolling hips anyway? And at that time I started to think and see differently of him, but not so much that I almost didn’t recognize him when I saw him again on May 2013 because, wow. He’d totally changed, because where has that innocent looking but not so innocent in hip rolling guy gone?

That’s my first impression of him. But that’s also what I love about him. His passion in dancing, how he pours all his everything in dancing like his life is depending on it. But that’s not all the reason. This won’t be a nice essay with only one reason of why I like a particular person.

Other thing I love about him is his ol’ wise heart. He’s only 20 for God’s sake but he speaks of wisdom like a 50 year-old very-much-experienced man. He writes things on his group’s website that will make all the girls’ heart not just melted but also evaporate into finer feelings of affection and respect. This guy’s wisdom is no joke, I’m telling you. His best advice he’s ever given is to not catch a cold and to wear socks to keep us warm. Isn’t he adorable? Well, he needs to wear some socks himself, actually, because FYI, he really hates wearing socks and he catches cold easily. What a dork.

Another reason why I like him is his punctuality. He was still a high school student when he got into training. But according to a report from his high school teacher, eventhough he was in training, his attendance in school was excellent. Training usually takes more than 4 to 5 hours and it will totally drains your energy. He probably only slept during class but that’s better than skipping class for no reason. I feel very ashamed while I was writing this. I don’t train, I don’t even have anything to do—except homeworks, but even that is usually “due-Monday-do-Monday” kind of homeworks—yet, I skip class for very silly reasons. My stomach is too full I don’t feel like studying, I’m hungry let’s ditch class, you’re ditching then I’m ditching too. That is silly and non sense and I’m so ashamed of it. I’m ashamed of myself.

And what about him? He doesn’t like people who neglect their study for silly reasons. Well, he doesn’t have time for himself, even more for having a proper education, going to school like a normal person, so him not liking people who ditch school because they want to, is pretty much understandable.

There is this quote I really love from him that I use for motivation everytime I don’t feel like studying.

“If you don’t get good grades, don’t think about liking me. Even if I seem like the most important thing in the world right now, after a while, you’ll regret it. You’re in your last year of school now, and it may be the most important period of your life, so rather than me, focus on your studies, and we can meet again after you become someone you and I are proud of.”
Such a wise kid.

You might already guess it, so I’m just going to tell you who he is. The one and only Kim Jongin from EXO. It is so not cool to make a boygroup member as a person I particularly like, but this is all my choice, right?
Now, the thing is, I like him not only for his good looks, his porn-star-wannabe dancing or his sexy sweaty body, but also for all the reasons I’ve mentioned before. He’s managed to not only make all the girls swoon but also motivated because of what he says. On the official group site or the official fan site. He behaves like a 5 year-old kid, with a 20-year-old body, and a 60-year-old wisdom, and I love and thank him for that. I really hope I can say the same thing to him in person or through a letter. Whichever way is fine. I just really want to tell him how grateful I am for everything he’s done, to his fans—to me, though indirectly. I just want to tell him that there are people in this world that are grateful even for his sole existence only and I want to be the representative to tell him that directly, someday. It’s a mission.

One last thing. Quoting one of the best fan of Kim Jongin, Valerie Patricia,

“Kim Jongin is like a home. Wherever I go, I will always return to him, the place where I belong to.”
That is the exact same feeling I feel for him. With a little bit more of love, a little bit more of respect and a little bit more of gratitude. Thank you and I love you.

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Those all my reasons. What about you? Who do you like and why?

Umi Sa'adah =)