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What I Think About That Kaistal Being Exclusive Thingy

One word. Sketchy.

This is not because I am a Kadi shipper and am bitter about it (I mean I am, but that’s not the point), but because of the whole situation.

Congratulations, by the way. But, since I’m a hardcore Kadi shipper, I don’t think I can give a sincere congratulation (I’m a bad fan, sorry). To be frankly honest, I hate it. I almost smashed my laptop to the wall when I first read the news online. I got moody all day; I just finished watching Gintama 2015—the last episode practically killed me—earlier that day, on April 1st, so I was still feeling heartbroken. And then, I got a feeling that I should open my facebook account (yes I still use the thing) and saw a news about BTS fooling around on April Fool on soompi. But then, I glanced to the side area of the site and saw the tell tale “BREAKING : EXO Kai and f(x) Krystal are......”, and right then and there, my already heartbroken heart broke a lot more. I think it turned into dust.

I was super upset more than anything (I still am). I wasn’t even jealous or sad or disappointed or anything. I was UPSET, super duper UPSET I didn’t know what to do anymore. I also had a big presentation later that day and like, God, help me.

Okay, onto the topic. I am not here to write down what I’m feeling. Like I said on the first line, this Kaistal being exclusive is just sketchy. Everything about the entertainment world is sketchy as hell okay. Everything about SM ENTERTAINMENT is sketchy. That agency is just kinda fucked up, seriously.

So, why I think this Kaistal stuff is so sketchy is because of some reasons that maybe somehow make sense. This is just my opinion alright so please be kind to me. You can judge all you want, but please please please, be kind to me. My heart is still fragile, I just realized that I just lost the purpose of my life (Kadi is the purpose of my life. I’m being dramatic, I know), so please, be kind.

Okay, first. The timing. It is so right, so precise, too precise even that it almost doesn’t make sense. What I’m trying to say is, at the age of 22 (23 in SK), and after being friends for God knows how long, affections may appear between Kaistal. It’s inevitable, and I can accept that. They are both more mature now, their career are going well (with bumps here and there), they are a boy and a girl fully known what love is (at least they understand a little bit about love from all those love songs they’ve sung over and over again) and they are artists under the same agency and tend to run into each other a lot of times, so it is inevitable that affections may grow for each other.

The 20s is the perfect age for people to start falling in love. It’s the age when people are very curious about themselves and start experimenting with stuffs—and one of them is falling in love. But the thing is, why now? Dispatch said (I really shouldn’t believe anything Dispatch says, but whatever I don’t know who to believe anymore but my Dear God) that Kaistal are just recently started being romantically involved with each other. But EXO was super busy at that time (since last year until very recently), so how could Kai not drop dead juggling between crazy schedules and injuries and dating (or being romantically involved with someone)? 

Second, the pictures of them going on “dates” are weird. From what I remember, Kaistal are the kind of guys who are kind of anti-camera whenever they have their own personal time. Krystal is always putting on that ice cold expression whenever cameras are around during her personal time (I’m not really sure either, please correct me if I’m wrong) and Kai is also like that. They both give off this kind of “personal time means me time and I really don’t want to be disturbed by cameras and flashes so please get away from me” vibe, so when I saw the pictures of them on “dates”, they look very ready to be caught on camera. They’re, like, deliberately jumping in front of those camera lenses so that people could get pictures of them together on alleged “dates”. Shouldn’t people who love their me time to be their me time avoid those cameras? Shouldn’t they, like, “shit there’s a camera over there we’re going to be caught outing together let’s go that way to avoid it” or something?

And third, SM confirmed it so fast it felt like it was prepared beforehand. Like, when you know what kind of material that’s going to be asked by your teacher and so you prepared the answers already and when your teacher that question you already got your answer for, you immediately raise your hand and answer it.

Or something like it.

Oh and also, none of their friends are saying anything. I mean, hello, Taemin, where are you?

These are just what have been bothering me for the past three days since the news came out, though. Also, the news came out on April 1st, which means that it could mean anything but the truth. I’m just saying though.

I’m going to get bashed because of this post, OMG what have I done.

Maybe I’m just reading too much into it. Maybe I’m just delusional. Maybe I love Kadi too much I don’t want that ship to crumble into inexistence. I really just want to get all this out of my head so I can tend to more important matters, like, my undergraduate thesis, for example.

Huh. Maybe that’s all.


Umi Sa'adah 

P.S. : I'm crossposting it on my tumblr too, but I'll post it there later. The wi-fi here sucks. It's the same thing and if you want to visit my tumblr, here.

Selasa, 29 Maret 2016

Long Time No Blogging 2

Or 3. Or. 4. Whatever.
But basically, I last posted something in December 2014.

Haha. Pathetic.

And the only reason I wrote this is because I am effing pissed off about something relates to blogging. God damn it man.

Senin, 08 Desember 2014

1000 Words on Why I Like Kim Jongin

This is originally for an assignment for my reading class. There are only 3 reasons, honestly (SPOILER!!), and the rest is just totally unnecessary comments. That's why it's 1000 words. And ten actually. Happy reading :)

<<<   >>>

“Kim Jongin”

Hello, everyone. How are you doing? I hope everyone is doing great today. Let me introduce myself first. My name is Umi Sa’adah, and I am here to tell you about my “Why Do You Like a Particular Person” essay. I’m going to tell you guys the reason first then you can guess who am I talking about.

First thing first, I may sound ridiculous because what I’m going to tell you sounds absolutely tacky and cheesy. But it is what it is and I’m going to tell you the way it is.

For starter, I first saw him in 2012. He was all sweaty and rolling his hips like there was no tomorrow. My first thought about him was : EW. But, that was only because I barely knew him, who he was and what he did. I saw him again in early 2013, and there was something different about him. He still rolled his hips like there was no end to it, but I didn’t even think of thinking “EW”. I didn’t know why but when I saw him like that again, he looked kinda passionate. It didn’t make sense, really, because what was so passionate about rolling hips anyway? And at that time I started to think and see differently of him, but not so much that I almost didn’t recognize him when I saw him again on May 2013 because, wow. He’d totally changed, because where has that innocent looking but not so innocent in hip rolling guy gone?

That’s my first impression of him. But that’s also what I love about him. His passion in dancing, how he pours all his everything in dancing like his life is depending on it. But that’s not all the reason. This won’t be a nice essay with only one reason of why I like a particular person.

Other thing I love about him is his ol’ wise heart. He’s only 20 for God’s sake but he speaks of wisdom like a 50 year-old very-much-experienced man. He writes things on his group’s website that will make all the girls’ heart not just melted but also evaporate into finer feelings of affection and respect. This guy’s wisdom is no joke, I’m telling you. His best advice he’s ever given is to not catch a cold and to wear socks to keep us warm. Isn’t he adorable? Well, he needs to wear some socks himself, actually, because FYI, he really hates wearing socks and he catches cold easily. What a dork.

Another reason why I like him is his punctuality. He was still a high school student when he got into training. But according to a report from his high school teacher, eventhough he was in training, his attendance in school was excellent. Training usually takes more than 4 to 5 hours and it will totally drains your energy. He probably only slept during class but that’s better than skipping class for no reason. I feel very ashamed while I was writing this. I don’t train, I don’t even have anything to do—except homeworks, but even that is usually “due-Monday-do-Monday” kind of homeworks—yet, I skip class for very silly reasons. My stomach is too full I don’t feel like studying, I’m hungry let’s ditch class, you’re ditching then I’m ditching too. That is silly and non sense and I’m so ashamed of it. I’m ashamed of myself.

And what about him? He doesn’t like people who neglect their study for silly reasons. Well, he doesn’t have time for himself, even more for having a proper education, going to school like a normal person, so him not liking people who ditch school because they want to, is pretty much understandable.

There is this quote I really love from him that I use for motivation everytime I don’t feel like studying.

“If you don’t get good grades, don’t think about liking me. Even if I seem like the most important thing in the world right now, after a while, you’ll regret it. You’re in your last year of school now, and it may be the most important period of your life, so rather than me, focus on your studies, and we can meet again after you become someone you and I are proud of.”
Such a wise kid.

You might already guess it, so I’m just going to tell you who he is. The one and only Kim Jongin from EXO. It is so not cool to make a boygroup member as a person I particularly like, but this is all my choice, right?
Now, the thing is, I like him not only for his good looks, his porn-star-wannabe dancing or his sexy sweaty body, but also for all the reasons I’ve mentioned before. He’s managed to not only make all the girls swoon but also motivated because of what he says. On the official group site or the official fan site. He behaves like a 5 year-old kid, with a 20-year-old body, and a 60-year-old wisdom, and I love and thank him for that. I really hope I can say the same thing to him in person or through a letter. Whichever way is fine. I just really want to tell him how grateful I am for everything he’s done, to his fans—to me, though indirectly. I just want to tell him that there are people in this world that are grateful even for his sole existence only and I want to be the representative to tell him that directly, someday. It’s a mission.

One last thing. Quoting one of the best fan of Kim Jongin, Valerie Patricia,

“Kim Jongin is like a home. Wherever I go, I will always return to him, the place where I belong to.”
That is the exact same feeling I feel for him. With a little bit more of love, a little bit more of respect and a little bit more of gratitude. Thank you and I love you.

<<<   >>> 

Those all my reasons. What about you? Who do you like and why?

Umi Sa'adah =)

Rabu, 20 Agustus 2014

Butiran Debu and Other Things No One Cares


Apa kabar semua?
Kabar gembira untuk kita semua! Gue masih inget email + password blog naas ini ternyata. LOL. Kasian banget, sih, lo blog.. Ckckck..

Jadi alasan gue nulis ini karena sebenernya gue barusan liat ada satu tulisan blog yang tiba-tiba mengingatkan bahwa... Oiya, gue punya blog. Duh, kasian banget. Terakhir kali blogging kapan sih? Tahun lalu ya? Astaghfirullah... Jadi berdebu banget lo ya, kesiaaan..

So, I'm going to write what has happened this past year. Tahun lalu gue masuk kuliah, dan sekarang udah semester 3, gewlaa!! Trus juga gue mau ngomongin EXO, SM dan segala skandal yang menerpa the cursed agency.

Oh yes, that's right, I hate SM, but not EXO, definitely. Lagian juga ga ada yang peduli gue mau suka dan benci siapa. Toh, gue juga cuma one in billions. SM sama EXO ya paling masih tetep kaya raya sehat walafiat walau gue benci agensinya. Not our business sih ya. But the May 15th incident really pissed me off. This is the third time an SM artist filed a lawsuit against the agency yang berarti something's wrong with the system that's been going on there. Dan SM sama sekali ga belajar dari kesalahan gitu?? Dih. This is why I hate them. Rasanya pengen nge-yok sumpah.

The first half of 2014 aja udah se-eventful ini ya, gimana sisanya? Who knows deh. Dan lagi, the dating scandal between Baekhyun of EXO and Taeyeon of SNSD. Seriously. Gue bukannya nyuruh move on para fans yang ga rela, tapi plis deh. Kalian itu fans. Tujuan adanya fans ya buat nyuport. Kalo kalian malah against it, itu yang namanya fans?? Get your senses right, girls. Trus lagi yang Sulli sama Choiza. Compare these two scandals and the fans reaction. Completely different.

Ga habis pikir gue.

End of story. Ngomongin skandal SM ga ada abisnya dan cuma bikin dosa.

Dan satu lagi yang bikin dosa. DIE JUNGS. Setan semua tuh anak-anak EXO. Rasanya tuh antara pengen dicipokin terus menerus sama pengen nggelindingin member satu-satu dari atap gedung B8 ato gedung B4, yang mana aja deh yang lebih tinggi. UGGGHHH.

Oh and I wrote a Kaisoo fanfiction (shameless promotion) titled Operation : The Strip Club. This fanfiction is the longest fanfiction I've ever written and please bear with the typos and grammar errors. English is not my first language, yo~

Summary dari post kali ini? Hahahahahahha. Conclude sendiri ye~

Umi Saadah =]

P.S. : Have you EXO fans joined the EXO-L club??? Join now! Go visit right now!!

P.P.S. : But the website always has this weird error so please bear with it!

Till next time~!!

Minggu, 20 April 2014

You May Now Kiss the... Bride?

Title : You May Now Kiss the... Bride?
Genre : Crack, Fluff
Rating : Kinda R, for the making out scene in the middle
Characters : Sehun, Luhan, Kyungsoo, Jongin, Kris (as Priest), OC
Pairings : HunHan, KaiSoo

(Read here)

Jumat, 14 Maret 2014

About : When It Rains

So, about the fic. Well, honestly I have a bunch of ideas but don't know what to do about them all. And this fic is just simply neglected like others because... well, I don't know what to write. I lost the feels to write since long time ago and currently working out to get it back. I need those feels to write because if not, I won't be able to write. I need a booster, and college is DEFINITELY not a correct booster.

I need feels. I need ideas. Please.

Oh, by the way, would you please share your opinion(s) on my hunhan drabble? I made out of craziness between college and life, and feels. God, I'm in DESPERATE need of feels right now.

Alright, skip that.

Anyway, the title is "When You Were My Man", briefly inspired by Bruno Mars' "When I Was Your Man" and my friend  and I's argument about how stupid Luhan is for leaving Sehun for a very cute baozi named Xiumin. Haha. I'm a Xiuhan shipper, while she is a Hunhan shipper. She was moping because Luhan is so stupid and 'breaking up' with Sehun just like that because he looked back to see a cuter looking Xiumin /I'm a Xiumin bias/ /sorry for being selfish/ /yeah i'm not sorry/

So... Basically, we argued about this for days, and then I happened to listen to the song in the middle of the argument, and then BAM! I suddenly had this idea of writing a Hunhan fic. So amusing.

And the conclusion of this post is.... I will not continue writing "When It Rains" because of college and life, and I simply don't have any ideas how to continue the story. I'm really sorry. Deeply apologize.

Umi Sa'adah =]

Emergency Couple : The Oh!Couple


The first time I watch the drama, berasa “Christmas Wishes” minus the kid banget. This kind of drama sebenernya klise banget. Tapi karena dikasih bumbu orang ketiga di kedua sisi (tipikal K-Drama), jadinya makin kompleks dan makin dramatis. Like I said, tipikal K-Drama. Tapi entah kenapa asik aja ditontonnya. Bikin toes and fingers curl up gitu. Secara penyampaian keromantisan oleh Choi Jinhyuk kepada Song Jihyo itu bikin gregetan sekaligus cheesy banget. Atau mungkin itu karena Choi Jinhyuk aja sih, ya...

And because I’m going to talk about the Oh!Couple a.k.a leading characters, gue bakal ngobrolin soal relationship dua orang ini. Seperti yang udah gue bilang, mereka itu kayak Jongin & Kyungsoo di fancfiction “Christmas Wishes”. Mereka tahu mereka masih suka or care pada satu sama lain, because, well, they were once a thing. Spouses ya lebih tepatnya. But they went through a bad divorce, a really bad divorce, yang akhirnya bikin mereka jadi saling benci. Tapi sepanjang drama ini berjalan, mereka jadi makin deket (endingnya udah jelas tau pasti bakal kayak gimana jadi nggak perlu dibahas) dan makin menunjukkan ke-care-an mereka terhadap satu sama lain—tapi masih belum tahu ya, besok-besok gimana, secara masih episode 13.

Nah, masalahnya adalah, karena ini K-Drama, harus ada love interest lain. Love interest Oh Changmin udah pasti Han Ahreum, sedangkan Oh Jinhee love interest-nya sang kepala UGD, Guk Chunsoo. Kalo menurut gue sendiri, sebenernya awalnya Ahreum nggak begitu suka sama Changmin. Tapi karena emaknya Changmin gigih banget ngejodohin mereka, ya udah Ahreum-nya jadi suka sama si Changmin. Kalo dr. Guk sendiri, awalnya Cuma kayak boss-employee gitu. Cuma karena dia dikasih tahu Changmin kalo si Changmin suka sama Jinhee, ya dia jadi kayak ter-challenge untuk merebut hati Jinhee. Jadilah dr. Guk suka sama Jinhee (Changmin-nya juga sih, bego, pake bilang-bilang segala). Dan si Jinhee-nya sendiri juga jadi kesengsem sama ke-care-an dr. Guk (waeee???)

I’m being incredibly delusional about this.

Nah, karena dramanya juga masih on-going, analisis yang benernya bakal gue post waktu drama udah selesai. Sekitar bulan depan gitu. So, see you next month ya! Jangan lupa nonton Emergency Couple!

P.S. : What if there’s a really huge twist at the end of the drama? Like, Changmin will end up with dr. Guk instead of with Jinhee, or something like that? That will bring so much fun, though.

Umi Sa'adah =]